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A drunk driving arrest is a serious matter. It can change your life, threaten your job, take away your drivers license and even lead to a jail sentence. If you face a DWI charge, you need a strong and experienced DWI defense lawyer who knows how to get results.

At Stiller Law, we do not take a prosecutor's case at face value. We believe in a strong and assertive defense designed to obtain a positive outcome.

You Face Two Legal Threats

A DWI arrest leads to two legal proceedings - one for the criminal charge, and another hearing that could result in the loss of your driving privileges.

Additionally, if convicted for drunk driving, you will have to pay a pre-trial fee and a civil revocation fee at the same time if you elect to have a pre-trial license hearing. The civil revocation fee is a DMV fee and must be paid prior to the reinstatement of your license. Our firm can represent you in both. If it is at all possible, we want to keep you on the road - by protecting your driver's license or obtaining a temporary drivers permit. We also work to obtain reinstatements of suspended licenses for persons with multiple convictions. Stiller Law also defends related traffic offenses.

Ignition Interlock Device and Drunk Driving

The installation of an ignition interlock device is commonplace for those convicted for drunk driving in the state of North Carolina. Repeat offenders, those who blow .15 or higher on their breathalyzer test, as well as some repeat offenders are required to install an ignition interlock device on their car if they want to qualify for a DWI hardship license. An ignition interlock device is similar to a breathalyzer in that it measures a driver's blood alcohol content (BAC). In order to your car to start, you must blow into the device first. The car will not start if your BAC registers at .02% or higher. You will be required to blow into the device periodically as your drive as well. If at any time your BAC measures over
.02%, your car will turn off.

Under North Carolina state law, you must pay for the installation of the ignition interlock device, as well as its monthly maintenance fee.

Aggressive North Carolina DWI Defense

Technology and the law have combined to give the state an edge in DWI prosecutions. However, it is possible to overcome a DWI charge. The police may have had no legitimate reason to stop your vehicle. They may have had no valid reason to demand a breath test. They may have conducted the breath tests improperly, or the equipment may have produced a faulty reading. There are additional novel DWI defenses that can work, depending on the circumstances.

The principal attorney and founder of our firm, Bonner L. Stiller, has an esteemed record in difficult DWI cases. If our analysis shows that the arrest or charge has been made improperly, or that there is some other possible defense, we will defend you with the objective of dismissal of the charge, or victory in court.

Moving On With Your Life

In other situations, the state can have a strong case. Here, it makes sense to get the best deal possible so you can put the incident behind you and move on with your life. In these cases, we understand how to minimize the consequences and fight to enable you to continue to drive.

Whether your DWI arrest is your first or your fourth, Stiller Law will provide you with a strong and aggressive defense.

Speeding or Other Traffic Citations

Stiller Law often represents clients with speeding tickets or other traffic violation charges. Even in seemingly minor charges like these, the negative impact on your life can be substantial, and we recommend hiring an attorney as soon as possible. We fight to reduce the charges to avoid insurance increases or license suspensions. Please complete our traffic client intake form.

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